10 Best Day Trips From Stockholm, Sweden

For the rest of the world, Sweden is where a lot of the most famous musicians and pop stars from the past decades came from, and its capital is where these people got their start. For Europeans perhaps, Stockholm is a chill, stylish and fascinating city perfect for a getaway.

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Its unique geography is a tourist draw, as well as its long history that involved Vikings, pirates, the Iron Age and a long line of rulers over the past one thousand years.

This history has immensely shaped the Swedish landscape, spread through islands and medieval towns, fort and palaces. If you’re in Stockholm and want to see more of Swedish history and culture as reflected in its diverse landscape and architecture, here are some of the day trips from Stockholm that you must try.

10 Day Trips From Stockholm

1. Fjaedelholmarna


Stockholm is surrounded bu an archipelago composed of around 30,000 islands and Fjäderholmarna is the closest to the Swedish capital. This is accessible by a boat ride that takes 20 minutes from the mainland, making it an ideal Stockholm day trip. Join a tour group/ guided tour to maximize your visit as there’s a lot to see and do here.

Explores its natural rugged landscape and pristine beaches, visit a museum or gallery and stop by a brewery to try some Swedish beer or whiskey. Fjäderholmarna is also home to some interesting restaurants or cafes that serve traditional dishes, as well as local arts and crafts.

The island has only one main road that winds around most of the island and you’ll find artists and craftsmen with galleries and studios here.

You’ll find painters, glassblowers, and potters, and see their work or products that you may want to buy as a souvenir. During summer, the island hosts a number of events such as concerts which you might want to see if you’re here ay that time of the year.

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2. Wildlife safari

A fun and unique wildlife adventure await just 20 minutes from central Stockholm. Come sundown, you get an opportunity to meet the other ‘locals’ of the Swedish capital.

The wildlife safari is one of the best day tours from Stockholm, where you get to explore its stunning rural landscapes and see a variety of indigenous Wildlife.

Here, you’ll have a guided tour where up I’ll learn about the country’s wildlife and get to see moose, wild boar, birds of prey and different species of deer.

At the end of the tour, you also get to enjoy delicious traditional Swedish meal by the campfire.

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3. Djurgarden island

Djurgarden island

In the midst of Stockholm is a quiet oasis called Djurgarden island, home to a number of the city’s top attractions as well as lush nature parks and facilities for gamily friendly activities.

It is easily reached by bus, tram or ferry from central Stockholm, but on a clear summer day, you can also walk from The Royal Dramatic Theatre to this island.

An easy day trip from Stockholm, this is where you can enjoy the city’s cultural attractions such as the Abba Museum, Gröna Lund, Vasa Museum, and Skansen.

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4. Sigtuna


Located in the north of Stockholm, Sigtuna was the original capital of Sweden until pirates attacked in the 12th century. It remains to be a fascinating destination though and is a favorite day trip from Stockholm among locals and tourists alike.

As Sweden’s oldest city, Sigtuna boasts of a long history and ancient attractions such as runestones that date from the Viking era and the remains of St. Olof’s Church.

Another must-visit when in Sigtuna is the Gothic Mariakyrkan or St. Mary’s Church, said to be the oldest church in all of Sweden.

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5. Broby bro


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Broby bro is a graveyard that’s over a thousand years old, and it is one of the best Stockholm day tours if you want to get a closer look at Sweden’s Viking and Iron Age history. Here you’ll find relics from those eras as well as stories that live on up to this day.

One of those intriguing stories is that of ‘Estrid’ whose skeleton was found in Broby bro’s Christian section in 1995.

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6. Medieval churches

medieval churches

Be at any place that gives you a panoramic view over Stockholm and you’ll definitely notice some prominent spires and cupolas towering above surrounding rooftops.

Those are some of the city’s churches, which makes for an interesting Stockholm day tour if you’re interested in its history and stunning architecture.

Visit the oldest church located in the Old Town — the Stockholm or Stockholm Cathedral, which dates back to the late 1200s and known for its primarily Baroque interiors.

Then there’s the 16th century Tyska kyrkan or The German Church of St. Gertrude, which reflects Stockholm’s close ties with Germany during Hanseatic League, Another church that’s a must-visit is the Riddarholmskyrkan or The Riddarholmen Church, which is like a journey through the royal history of Sweden.

Located on the small island of Riddarholmen, this is the burial place Swedish rulers and their consorts, from Gustav II Adolf to Gustaf V, who was the great-grandfather of the present king. This is also the final resting place of several medieval kings such as Magnus Ladulås, who founded the church and Karl Knutsson Bonde.

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7. Vaxholm


Another Stockholm day trip that takes you to one of the islands in the greater Stockholm Archipelago is Vaxholm. Easily accessible from the Swedish capital via ferry or a 30-minute drive, being in this small town is like stepping into the 19th century.

Stroll the streets and marvel at the pastel-colored wooden homes, or visit the16th century Vaxholm Fortress. This former stronghold is also home to the Swedish National Museum of Coastal Defense, with exhibits depicting the country’s military history.

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8. Drottningholm


Built-in the18th century, Drottningholm Palace is situated on Lovö island in Lake Mälaren. This is just a few miles east of Stockholm, and home to the Swedish Royal Family.

This is an ideal Stockholm day tour if you want to visit a palace, as parts of this glorious structure are open to the public such as the 18th-century Chinese Pavilion and the gorgeous English gardens. Drottningholm Palace is only 30 minutes from Stockholm city center.

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9. Wenngarn


Wenngarn is one of those places in Sweden that you spend a quiet morning or afternoon or even an entire day on, as you take in its long history or admire the palace. Having been around for a thousand years, the pretty laidback Wenngarn is home to Sweden’s most ‘accessible’ castle.

Adjacent to Sweden’s old city of Sigtuna, Wenngarn is also next to Garnsviken in Mälaren, and for a thousand years, constantly changed from large estates to a community house, a place where people gather for different events.

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10. Skokloster


The 17th-century Skokloster Castle is located about forty miles north of Stockholm. This Baroque castle was a project of the rich Count, Carl Gustaf Wrange, and has brilliantly preserved interiors.

When you visit, be sure to check out the Unfinished Hall, a genuine construction site from the 17th century which was not completed. Skokloster Castle is also filled with centuries-old decor and furniture.

You can also visit the library, admire the Baroque art pieces as well as the collection of weapons on display. A remarkable day trip from Stockholm, Skokloster Castle can be reached within an hour via public transport.

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